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TOKYO SEIKI KOSAKUSHO CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması - CNC Machine Tools Company Products We provide machines that allow processing under optimum conditions by using general grinding and superabrasive wheel. Custom-made specialized machines that accommodate constantly evolving products have been receiving very good reputation from users of varied industries.   All Lineup of TSKK Machines   slice rotary special uni-purpose solor sapphire 1.Slicing Machines Model Processing work and feature TS-4020SM TS Slicing Machines Best-selling machine of TSKK. It utilizes diamond wheel to cut and groove, with high precision, special materials and those hard to grind including glass, ferrite, ceramics, cemented carbide and neodymium. 2.Rotary Grinding Machines Model Processing work and feature TR-60NC TR Rotary Grinding Machines It grinds materials such as iron and ceramics. With uniqueness of Mackensen-type metal support horizontal spindle, it enables grinding with its superior rigidness. Page Top 3.Special Purpose Machines Custom-made specialized machine for cutting-edge areas We also provide custom-made specialized machines that meet customer's needs. We cover wide-ranging areas from parts processing, for example, for hybrid cars components, and also cutting/grinding of leading-edge materials such as sapphire. Model Processing work and feature BSM BSM Bandsaw Cutting Machine Cutting and processing of silicon and quartz glass and others various materials. CSN8022 CSN  Cylindrical Grinding Machine Cylindrical grinding and orientation flat processings such as silicon, quartz glass, indium, gallium arsenic, sapphire and germanium. TSA-50150 TSA  Large Slicing Machine Rectangular table type / 3 axis NC This equipment has achieved many results ranging from the groove processing of the wafer boards, cutting of and cutting groove of hard materials. TSA-550 TSA  Medium Slicing Machine Circular table type / 4 axis NC It is best suited to the precise cutting of a thin plate such as ceramic and glass. TSA-4040V TSA  Circumferential Chamfering, Grinding Machine 3 axis NC Slit Groove Processing of Vane Pump・Rotor. TSG-2 TSG  Auto Slit Grinding Machine Automatically grind grooves such as slit on the rotor of vane pump. Page_Top 4.Machines for the Silicon Ingot for Solar Cells We provide various processing machines that combine slicing and grinding for multiprocess of ingot used in silicon crystal-type solar panels in the solar cell category. SEED(SLIMROD)PROCESSING MACHINES FOR POLY SILICON PROCESSES MODELS 1.Top / Tail Cutting for As Grown Ingot (Single OD-Saw) GSZ・BSM 2. Cutting for Ingot Longitudinal Direction (Single OD-Saw) Custom-made 3. Multi Cutting for Squaring (Multi OD-Saw) Custom-made 4. Cutting for Bridge Plate (Single OD-Saw) Custom-made 5. Hole Making / Grinding (Cup Wheel) Custom-made 6. Seed Taper Grinding (1-axis or 2-axis) Custom-made MACHINES FOR MONO CRYSTALLINE SILICON INGOT PROCESSES MODELS 1. Top / Tail Cutting for As Grown Ingot (OD-Saw、Band Saw) GSZ・BSM 2. Squaring(OD-Saw) MCS 3. Corner R Grinding(Cup Wheel) MCS 4. Grinding &Finishing for 4-Surface (Cup Wheel) TSW 5. Block Cutting (OD-Saw、Band Saw) GSZ・GHS・BSM MACHINES FOR MULTI CRYSTALLINE SILICON INGOT PROCESSES MODELS 1. Squaring(Single OD-Saw、Band Saw) GHS・BSM 2. Top & Tail Cutting (OD-Saw、Band Saw) GHS・BSM 3. Grinding for 4-Surface &Chamfering for 4-Corners (Mainly Cup Wheel) TSW 4. Accuracy Modificating against NG Ingot TSF 5. Surface Micro Finishing (Cup Wheel) TSW Suggestion for Full-Turn Key Operation Plant It is not only Machines but also Ingot Carrying system, such as Conveyor & Full-Auto-Strage Model Processing work and feature BSM640L3-P2.jpg BSM  Band Saw Machine Cutting materials such as silicon ingot and quartz glass. GSZ15020NC.jpg GSZ  OD Saw Machine for Mono crystalline silicon Top / Tail Cutting for As Grown Ingot. Block Squaring for Mono Crystalline Ingot. GHS8040-2H GHS  OD Saw Machine for Multi crystalline silicon Top / Tail Cutting for suqare multi clystalline ingot. TSW4020FC TSW  Surface & Coner Grinding Machine Performing 4flat and 4corner grinding of the square multi clystalline ingot. TSF TSF Full Automatic Edge Surface Grinding machine This machine is a specially designed to grind one edge surface of mono and multi crystalline silocon ingot. Combined machining machine MCS  Square Cutting, Corner & Surface Grinding Machine This machine(5 head type) is combined, 3-in-1 machine which is controlled by NC and performed each process in square cutting, surface grinding and sylindrical grinding with one chucking clamper. (The combination of the number of heads can be changed.