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BLOHM CNC Takım Tezgahları firması BLOHM and JUNG machines have been in operation worldwide for decades: in diverse fields of application and in widely varying conditions. The experience gained from supplying more than 35,000 machines is incorporated into the current product portfolio, which has an impressive breadth and potential for customisation. The product range extends from simple surface grinding machines through application-oriented universal machines to customer-oriented production machines. The management of both established brands under the umbrella of Blohm Jung GmbH combines their extensive know-how, whilst constantly enabling new, higher standards in precision, quality and cost-effectiveness. There are also many opportunities for tailoring production solutions to individual customer requirements. The machine concept that we offer is designed to fit precisely into your production profile. The approach of uncompromising customer proximity also follows the sales structure of Blohm Jung GmbH, which ensures a worldwide presence in the relevant customer markets. Surface and profile BLOHM CNC PROFIMAT MT BLOHM CNC PROFIMAT MC BLOHM CNC PROFIMAT RT BLOHM CNC PROKOS XT

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