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Vigel Manufacturing Technologies Machining centers Platforms Vigel Platforms include High Speed Horizontal and Vertical Multi-Spindle Machining Centers. Different machine sizes allow to approach a wide range of workpieces in terms of dimensions and materials... x-lines A new Multi-spindle Vertical product line, a cost-effective solution combined with Vigel proven technology. V3 & V4 x-line are configured with Twin-spindle. Low space requirements ,... MSHs Vigel contribution to the lean manufacturing concept is represented by the MSHs Modules. MSHs Modules can be customized and used in various way as stand alone machines or part of... Progressive investment expenditure based on real volume requirements. Easy to retool and relocate in order to face the ongoing changes in the production market. Reduced cost of maintaining spare parts due to the modularity of the machines. machining serie2

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