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COLGAR International CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması Chip removal The long-term experience in the manufacturing of machine tools sets us among the leading companies of the world in the chip removal machines. Horizontal boring and milling machines, vertical boring and milling machines, hydrostatic type and on roller guideways; rotary and rotary-traverse tables, with pallets; accessory heads; tools magazines changers chain or rack type. Different companies in the world can testify our quality in different branches. Hydroelectric and gas turbines ; electric motor casings; reduction units; platforms, aeolic propeller hubs and shafts; electrowelded structures for cranes, buildings, special infrastructure machines; excavator and earth-moving equipment blades; truck, train and car load-bearing structures; tunnel and mining excavators; in-line and "V" diesel engines; overhead and marine platforms; valve pumps and transmission devices; steel and cast iron structures for machine tools; landing gear and aeronautic titanium components; all types of die. Boring milling machines FV Model FVG Model FRAL Model Accessories Table Heads Tool Magazine Customer Solution Home > FV Model FV Model FV is the series of Colgar machines with linear roller guides for light and fast boring and milling, in addition to the hydrostatic machines for heavy boring and milling. FV combines all the experience and technology achieved during the years together with dedicated and specific design software. FV has got a barycentered structure with thermo symmetric monolithic column assembled directly on the bed, and the central headstock is guided by two ball recirculating screws aligned on a side of the column. FV has a minimalist, sober and technological architecture well integrated with the renewed imagine of COLGAR company. Every its single component interacts with the other ones creating dynamic, fast and accurate movements. The FV series comes in a "mobile upright" or "T" configuration The main feature that makes the Colgar FV series a machine of the future is the structure of the two-column self-supporting upright with incorporated base and central vertical sliding of the head carriage. The performance of these machines is the result of Colgar's know-how and continual research and development to find construction solutions worked out down to the smallest technical detail. Not only large structures subjected to FEM analysis but also large guides and many support points. The heart of the machine is the central head carriage which has two front guides with six roller pads and two rear guides with two roller pads. Vertical movement is achieved with the exclusive design of two parallel screws positioned on the same side, one at the front and one at the rear, which also allows handling and actively compensating weight variations. In the mobile upright version, the ram has a "carriage-type" roller support with eight front and eight rear roller pads. In the "T" version, the ram is fixed but outstanding, rigid and pyramid-shaped to ensure that the centre of the table is reached both during boring with the main spindle and during milling with the accessory heads. The FV line can be configured as milling machine or as boring and milling machine. In the first case, tool rotation occurs with a motor-driven spindle mounted on the ram; in the second case, there is a translating spindle line in nitrided alloy steel with a two-speed range changer. The FV series with its cutting-edge technology allows high-performance machining of simple and complex workpieces with the best combination the market demands: speed and torque. FVG Model FVG is the series of vertical hydrostatic boring and milling machines and completes the already vast range of Colgar's horizontal machines. The world of mechanics is taking big steps towards ever more complex and voluminous components. The FVG series expertly combines a large number of functions and qualities. The result is so satisfactory that we can herald the success of this series in uncountable applications both for the model with fixed cross-beam and that with mobile cross-beam. The great possibility of being able to effectively work on five sides is combined with numerous custom accessory heads, heads with two continuous axes and turning tables. Given the large dimensions, the machine could not do without the most innovative systems for cross-beam flexure compensation, adaptive control with three-directional sensor on the ram, and hydrostatic oil and coolant temperature control. The ram, completely covered with hydrostatic oil, contains the transmission devices, and some specific technical solutions allow evenly distributing the residual heat generated by the motors. The FVG series offers the best performance the chip removal market is looking for. The FVG series can be configured with a fixed or a mobile cross-beam In both cases, the ram is covered and guided on its four corners by the meatus of hydrostatic oil and counterbalanced by dedicated hydraulic cylinders. In the configuration with mobile cross-beam, the side columns as well as the bed have a gantry movement. Each column has a hydraulic counterweight, a ball screw and an optical scale used to handle the cross-beam as positioning and working axis. The cross-beam is the key element of the machine; its ground guides allow excellent gantry geometry, also thanks to the real-time flexure compensation with various setups based on the ambient working conditions and hence the temperature. During design careful attention was paid to technical details not only to provide high performance but also to offer a better working environment, for example: the double operator footboard with master and slave controls, the remote-controlled pushbutton panels, the surveillance cameras and the possibility of completely covering the foundations giving the entire gantry a floating effect but at the same time allowing the operator to position the workpiece in complete safety. In its maximum configuration the machine may be considered multi-tasking with the following possibilities: automatic control of different working areas; the rack magazines can be positioned on the edge of or outside the wall, both with single and double tool change gripper; automatic accessory change with the possibility of a buffer onboard and an external refresh. The large structure and the powerful spindle allow deep removal passes but also excellent finishes with the high cutting speed. FVG is suitable for milling, drilling, tapping, turning and boring on any type of metal. Home > FRAL Model FRAL Model FRAL is the series of Colgar machines with hydrostatic guides. The essential features that differentiate the Colgar boring and milling machines from those of the competition are the hydrostatic guides operating at low oil pressure on all the axes in bearing, contrast and alignment. This brings undeniable advantages: Total absence of sliding friction and hence elimination of stick-slip. No contact between the guides and the counterguides and hence no wear and maintenance and unchangeable geometry over time. Great rigidity even with heavy loads Absence of backlash with the utmost positioning precision Maximum constancy of response to the command pulses Minimum inversion error value High torque applicable to the spindle Long life of the sliding guides Value of the machine and the technology largely unaffected by time. The FRAL series comes in a "mobile upright" or "T" configuration The main feature that makes the Colgar FRAL series a machine with an extremely rigid structure, precise and performing over time is the preloaded hydrostatic guide support with low pressure and high volumes. Like the tables, the machine has electrowelded structures subjected to FEM analysis and heat treatments. The ram and some table plates are made of spheroidal cast-iron casting. The large dimensions of the structures and the hydrostatic guides allow the machine to be stable in any working position and guarantee a very wide working range compared to other machines in the category thanks to the long outward travel of the ram and the boring spindle. The ram is arranged in lateral position with respect to the upright and slides on two guides with a ball screw and counterweight. In the "T" version, simply called PROG, the ram is fixed but outstanding, rigid and pyramid-shaped to ensure that the centre of the table is reached both during boring with the main spindle and during milling with the accessory heads. In this configuration with pallets of 45-ton capacity and 4700 Nm torque, the PROG is classified among the largest machining centers in the world. In the mobile upright configuration, the dimensions of the axes and the tables are increasingly "custom solutions" to satisfy the various market needs yet maintaining the design philosophy and basic construction. The ram and the boring spindle of various dimensions guarantee balanced performance during machining. With the FRAL series and its consolidated technology and thanks to the experience Colgar has cultivated for years in the construction of hydrostatic machines, you can perform heavy machining operations on high-tensile components, but also simple operations on very large electrowelded pieces complicated to position. Because Colgar designs and builds special accessory heads in-house, it is great in the "tailor-made" and stands high in the favor of the market and its users for an unequalled productivity.

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