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BUMOTEC CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması - CNC Machine Tools Company At the end of the Sixties, Bumotec was founded in Sales, a village of the Canton Fribourg, to be more accurate, in the Gruyère region. Bumotec very soon specialized in machinery serving the watchmakers.Important technical evolutions and a very innovative range of machines. Then helped consequently Bumotec to establish among the leaders of machines for the high-end industry, be it medical or aerospace, and still increasing its leading position in the fields of watchmaking and micro-mecanics. The Bumotec plant is seated between Geneva, the Valley-de-Joux and the Jurassic Mountains crescent, thus meaning ideally centered among our principal customers from watchmaking, jewellery and precision mecanics.More than 140 employees are working here. Since several decades, Bumotec proudly serves the most well reputated watch-brands, thus the poster-childs of the Swiss economy as well as other top brands worldwide. Since mid 2012, Bumotec i spart of the Swiss Starrag Group. BUMOTEC CNC s100 BUMOTEC CNC s128 BUMOTEC CNC s191 BUMOTEC CNC s191 V BUMOTEC CNC s210/s220 BUMOTEC CNC s230 BUMOTEC CNC s1000 BUMOTEC CNC s189 BUMOTEC CNC s90

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