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BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması - Machine Tools Company BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK Grinding Technology Bileme Teknoloji Firması BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC 235 BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC 245 BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC 235 H BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC 235 M BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC 235 G BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC 245 H BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC 245 M BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC 335 BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC 635 BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC 28 BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC 335 G BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK CNC 635 G BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK BV vertical hard machining center BUDERUS XGrind – Efficient hard-fine machining for small batches BUDERUS XGrind: Efficient hard finishing for small batches Xtremely Convincing Ideal for small batches of shafts & chucking components Efficient complete machining with grinding, turning and measuring tools with one revolver Machine bed made of natural stone for high dynamic rigidity & thermal stability Tailstock with integrated hydrostatic bearings and cylinder compensation for constantly precise machining results Target tolerances achieved faster thanks to intuitive operating interface Xtremely flexible & versatile BUDERUS XGrind: Xtremely flexible & versatile The multifunctional tool revolver on the BUDERUS XGrind guarantees the flexible production of single parts and small batches. Depending on the configuration, processes such as external grinding, internal grinding, face grinding, cone grinding or hard turning can be executed efficiently, keeping the movement paths to a minimum. The integrated measuring sensor monitors and controls the machining until the final dimension has been achieved. Time-consuming manual work such as re-measuring or successive feeding is no longer required, which means the overall machining time for fitting grinding, for example, can be significantly reduced. Xtremely precise & robust BUDERUS XGrind: Xtremely precise & robust Right from the outset, the XGrind was designed for the requirements of single part and small batch production. At the heart of the machine is the multifunctional tool revolver, which was developed especially for the XGrind. Fine tuned, its enhanced cantilever arm ratios and versatility are impressive. The XGrind machine bed is made of natural stone that damps undesirable vibrations and leads to a high thermal stability. In turn, this guarantees optimum reproducibility of the required surface qualities. Xtremely easy to use BUDERUS XGrind: Xtremely easy to use Straightforward operation of the XGrind is the key to increasing efficiency for single parts and small batch sizes. The operator can generate the work piece geometry, determine machining points and adapt tool parameters by touch & swipe function using only a few, logical steps. The machine then calculates the most efficient process strategy and starts machining at the touch of a button. Alternatively, the geometry data and tool assignment can be prepared at the PC and transferred to the machine by USB. The cockpit view makes fast access to all XGrind set-up and maintenance functions possible for the operator. Xtremely accessible & compact BUDERUS XGrind: Xtremely accessible & compact The simplicity of the XGrind is convincing during loading, too. Loading can be either manual or by crane in the case of heavy parts. The magnetic chuck makes precise clamping of the work piece easier and provides free access to all the surfaces to be machined. With a footprint of just about 7 m², the XGrind unites expert technology for hard- fine machining, a sturdy set-up and efficiency in operation and machining. The XGrind is also available with a width of 3450 mm for components with a centre width greater than 1200 mm.