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1945 Foundation of the ALZMETALL corporation. The CS Range with an open C-Structure, presents a machining center range with rigid static box columns and with 3, 4 or 5 simultaneous axes The working horse amongst C-structured machining centers is named ALZMETALL. It offers universality in many diverse applications and performs extremely powerful with upto 38 kW. It is made of grey-cast iron structures with qualified rigidity and vibration-dampening characteristics. Prismatic guideways finalize this satisfying lifetime concept. X 600 to 1200mm Y 400 to 600mm Z 600to 1000mm Universal 4th and 5th axes The GS Range consists of highly dynamical Gantry machining centers with 3 to 5 simultaneous axes. Pure Dynamics – 3 to 5 axes machining centers for highly productive machining with 3-fold torque drives technology. The highend solution to technology needs. X 460 to 1200 mm Y 600 to 1300 mm Z 400 to 800 mm A +/- 140 Degrees C 360 Degrees, endless The GX Range presents highly dynamical Gantry machining centers for combined Milling and Turning tasks with 3 to 5 axes. Machining centers for special machining processes and applications. Prepared for laser machining, turning, grinding and machining of special-purpose materials. X 460 to 1200 mm Y 600 to 1300 mm Z 400 to 800 mm A and C-Axis A and B-Axis (alternatively)

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