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PENTAMAC CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması

PENTAMAC Firma Bilgisi

PENTAMAC CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması PENTAMAC is a company that assembles and trades CNC machine tools. Quality, competence and competitive prices are the mainly features that characterize us from the competition. We are in a famous historical context in machine tools builiding field, we work on a 4.000 mq (2.200 mq indoor area) surface, with a team composed by expert employees. Mechanicals, electronic and software engineers guarantee a right team where they don't leave anything to chance. Our providers and partner are selected by a decennial collaboration and high criterions of high quality from their products. Our company philosophy is to satisfy the costumer, a post-sales service is composed by an expert technician specialized in every sectors that they ensuring and assisting the costumer both in the placement phases and after in the installation process and in post-sales.


PENTAMAC CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması PENTAMAC vertical machining center light PENTAMAC serie xr 760 standard PENTAMAC serie xm 300 PENTAMAC serie xm 500 PENTAMAC serie xm 800 PENTAMAC serie xm 1000-600 PENTAMAC serie xm 1200 PENTAMAC serie xm 1300 PENTAMAC serie xm 1600 LARGE SIZES PENTAMAC VHM 1600 TILTING HEAD PENTAMAC serie xmf 1200 PENTAMAC VHF 2000 PENTAMAC Moving Column machining centers PENTAMAC xl 2500 -6500 PENTAMAC xl 3500-7500 PENTAMAC XHL 2500-6500 PENTAMAC xhl 2500-6500 PENTAMAC XXL 1600 - 2200 - 3500 PENTAMAC Xxl 1600 - 3500 PENTAMAC FV series with tilting head PENTAMAC FV:mont. mob. tilting PENTAMAC Double column machining center PENTAMAC DL 2112-3112-4112 universal multi-axis machining centers DUPLEX DUPLEX none Serie Pentax 640 Center High Speed vd 500 conventional milling machines with CNC serie xf 1200 serie xf 300 bh PENTAMAC CNC lathes inclined guides PENTAMAC serie TMH 350 Lathe with flat guides with self-learning CNC serie QT 500 serie qt 1000-1500 serie HV 1000-2000-3000