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TEK4 EDM Fast Hole Drilling CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması

TEK4 Firma Bilgisi

TEK4 EDM Fast Hole Drilling CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması TEK4 was founded by Jason Duffin in 2002. Jason continues to run the business, along with a great team of engineers and support team that has led to TEK4’s success. Jason has spent his working life developing special process technology for Gas Turbine component manufacture. He co-founded MJ Technologies Ltd and was MJT’s managing director until 2001, before he left to establish TEK4. MJ Technologies subsequently became the Winbro Group. TEK4 has been highly successful in developing next generation special process technology EDM Laser & STEM and supplying complete turnkey systems to industry. Jason is married with a family, is a follower of Jesus Christ and is involved in several Christian charities including United Beach Missions, Young Life and UFM Worldwide.

TEK4 Ürünler

TEK4 EDM Fast Hole Drilling CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması TEK4 Technology 3 Steps to Accuracy - EDM 3 Steps to Accuracy - LASER Advanced Optics Advanced Shaped Hole Automatic Breakthrough Detection Data Collection Laser Ablation Pre-Breakthrough Detection Process Flexibility Fast Hole Drill EDM Machines TEK4 offers a range of world leading performance and capability fast hole drill EDM machines. These machines are specifically developed for hole drilling of aero, industrial gas turbine blades, vanes, segments and other components. ​ TEK4's 6g machines are the latest generation of fast hole drill EDM machines, featuring many new technologies and systems, including a completely new control system, through-flushing tooling and drill after coating (DAC) technology to name a few. ​ Simply click on a machine image below to find out more about the machines and features. 6g FHD Aero 6g FHD EDM Machine Designed for aero components 6g FHD ST 6g FHD EDM Machine Designed for medium to large components 6g FHD XLL 6g FHD EDM Machine Designed for large gas turbine components 6g FHD GXL GXL No Background Dropshadow Complete Ma Designed for very large gas turbine components LASER Systems TEK4's laser machines are some of the best laser systems on the market, featuring many advanced and world leading technology. TEK4 offers 3 different size laser machines, 5g ST Laser, 5g XL Laser and 5g GX Laser. All of our laser systems are able to drill, cut and weld all in a single set up. Are laser machines have been designed and specifically developed for machining turbine components. Our laser machines configuration enables for larger then expected aero and IGT components to be machined in a single set up. TEK4's laser machines are able to percussion drill, trepan drill, cut, drill and weld all in a single set up, giving you more flexibility and time. TEK4's latest generation of laser machines and systems are designed for laser drilling, laser cutting and laser welding. They have many advanced technology key features included to give you exceptional performance. The 5th generation laser machines are all hand build in Leicester, UK, giving us quick delivery times and excellent customer service help. Our systems all have large capacity in a compact laser machine. TEK4’s 5th generation of LASER systems provide exceptional performance, rugged stability and straight forward user-friendly approach. Each machine features a single beam delivery mirror for ease and stability of beam alignment. All machines are fitted with a measuring touch probe for machine calibration and component location and compensation. All our machines are able to drill, cut and weld in one set-up, giving you great capabilities in a compact machine. ​ Simply click on a machine image below to find out more about the machines and features. 5g ST Laser 5g ST Laser 5g XL Laser 5g XL Laser 5g GX Laser 5g GX Laser Key Features Auto calibration In-build probe system Erowa chuck fixture location Cassette optics Large capacity + compact machine Pendant operator control Class leading performance Drills Cut and Weld in one set-up User friendly control Simple beam alignment Auto beam calibration Auto machine axis calibration