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EASTAR CNC Kanal Açma Takım Tezgahları Firması

EASTAR Firma Bilgisi

EASTAR CNC Kanal Açma Takım Tezgahları Firması Eastar Machine Tools Corp. is founded in 1967 by Mr.Tarng as founder, Original company name called "Tong Shin Machinery" with brand "TARNG'S" which were a well known brand name in the machine tool industry worldwide. For more easy to memorize the brand, we change it as EASTAR instead of TARNG'S in 2000, and use it till now. EASTAR has been in Slotting Machine Manufacturing field almost 50 years, Over thousands Slotting Machines are used worldwide, our rich experiences in manufacture give us the edge in contributing the productivity and efficiency for the industrial. Due to the company growth and the new CNC technology development, we provided many solutions to helping the difficult keyway/spline processing & its multi. applications, Hope in the next new stage, we can offer more cost-efficient precision machine and provide new CNC Slotting technology and solution for our valued customers.

EASTAR Ürünler

EASTAR CNC Kanal Açma Takım Tezgahları Firması Manual Slotter 1 Axis Auto Slotter CNC-200A1 CNC-300A1 CNC-350A1 3 Axis Auto Slotter 4 Axis CNC Slotter Slotting Head Slotter/Lathe Tool Bit Grinder Tools on Slotter Coolant tank with magnetic