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KAI HUNG CNC Transfer Takım Tezgahları Firması The company was founded in 1991, and specializes in the design and manufacturing of trunnion/horizontal type rotary transfer machine, NC automatic feeding system, auto shaft/disk straightening M/C, elbow facing machine, whole plant equipment of valve/sanitary/gas parts processing, motor auto production line, car/motorcycle parts processing M/C and specialized machineries. During initial stages, the company was mainly involved in individual machine design and manufacturing, but in light of client concern about the increasing cost of labor and management problems of semi-automatic machinery, the company gradually became involved in automatic machine(s) to meet client needs. We have a professional R&D team that can develop machineries to meet your specifications and help you improve product quality and throughput. In 2007, in response to the growing needs in China, JIA SHAN KAI HUNG MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province to serve our Chinese clientele. In recent years, we have been dedicated to the R&D of NC, CNC 3D (trunnion type) drilling and milling complex rotary transfer machines as well as whole plant automatic production lines, receiving recognition from various manufacturers. ZHEJIANG DUNAN Group ordered 14 sets of NC 3D (trunnion type) complex rotary transfer machines in 2010 (the firm also ordered 52 sets of trunnion type and horizontal type rotary transfer machines before 2010). In 2011, YUHUAN IDC Group ordered 60 sets of NC 3D (trunnion type) complex rotary transfer machines over the period of 1 year (the firm also ordered 11 sets of trunnion type rotary transfer M/C before 2010). In 2014, SHANDONG SHUANGGANG PISTON CO., LTD. Production Line Engine Piston Production Line Steel Wheel Processing Line Multi-spindles Rotary Transfer Machine CNC Rotary Machining Center Rotary Transfer Machine Trunnion Rotary Transfer Machine Two‐Way Processing Machine CNC Two‐Way Processing Machine Cylinder Rolling Machine Processing Machine EPS Motor Production Equipment Rotor Shaft Process Machine Armature Assembling Machine Armature Test Machine Stator Assembling Machine Assembly Line and Testing Line Epoxy Instillation and Hot-Air Drying Oven Pressing Machine Others Grinding Machine Nut Special Purpose Machine Riveting Joint Equipment Bar Straightening Machine

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