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KOYO MACHINE INDUSTRIES CNC Puntasız Taşlama Takım Tezgahları Firması

KOYO Firma Bilgisi

KOYO MACHINE INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD Business activities Machine Tools : Centerless grinding machine, Surface grinding machine, Multi-head grinding machine, Special purpose grinding machine FA Systems : Automatic measuring systems, Automatic assembly systems, Combined systems Precision Apparatus : Precison ball screws, Indexing chucks, Spindle units Drive shafts Intermediate steering shafts Our company significantly contributes to smooth power transmission and behavior of various objects, using the know-how of high accuracy and Super precision processing cultivated by the bearing manufacturing technology, in machine tools and its component parts like precision apparatus equipment, development and manufacturing important parts for security such as intermediate shafts, and establishment of the FA systems. For the machine tools, which is our core business, we have a consistent system from development to manufacturing of grinding machines suitable for the material and processing accuracy. As a comprehensive manufacturer of grinding machines for metals as well as high-tech materials, we offer excellent grinding machines in various fields such as automobiles and electronic products. We also take pro-active efforts for the automation of grinding activities.

KOYO Ürünler

KOYO Machine Tools KOYO Centerless Grinding Machine KOYO Surface Grinding Machines KOYO Other Grinding Machines KOYO FA Systems KOYO Assembly systems KOYO Automatic checking systems KOYO Precision Apparatus Equipment Spindle Ball Screws Indexing chucks Drive shafts KOYO HW series KOYO D series KOYO U series KOYO T series KOYO CS series KOYO KF series