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TOS HOSTIVA CNC Taşlama Tezgahı After the revolution in 1989, the originally state-owned company TOS Hostivař faced a period of economic and property-related uncertainty. Parallelly to it, a company called HOL-MONTA was established and took over many experienced employees from the former state-owned TOS Hostivař. The combined efforts of these two companies ultimately managed to make our grinding machines, marketed under the brand name of TOS Hostivař, are again sold and exported worldwide. In 2011 the globally renowned brand TOS Hostivař was bought by HOL-MONTA spol. s r.o., and thus the continuation of the rich tradition of this brand, dating back to 1950 has been secured. TOS HOSTIVAŘ makes universal grinding machines and, as supplemental product line also Surface Grinding Machines and Vertical Grinding Machines. All this takes place following up the successful design of Grinding Machines made by TOS Hostivař that is subject to continuous improvements and innovations to comply with the newest trends. The use of state-of-the-arta electric and machine components by renowned European manufacturers are matter of course. What we offer TOS Hostivař provides a wide manufacturing program ranging from large Grinding machines for cylinders and shafts to small universal grinding machines. Our supply program includes both grinders with accessories tailored to customers’ needs and all the corresponding services including repairs, renovations and retrofiting of Universal grinding machines throughout the scope of the production program. TOS Hostivař Products TOS Hostivař UB 25 CNC TOS Hostivař UB 32, 40, 50 CNC TOS Hostivař UB 63, 85, 90 CNC TOS Hostivař BOV 130-2 CNC

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