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GÖBEL Maschinenbau CNC Silindirik Taşlama Tezgah Firması After the foundation in 1961 by Mr Willi Göbel the business operating area was installation and little repairs on MSO cylindrical grinding machines. By now we create modern cylindrical grinding machines by customer request. This machines have as special features a machine bed out of granite (massive stone) – the technological advantages of this construction are in the thermic- and the vibriations engineering behavior of the material granite – and are builded in this version since 2001. Also is no foundationneeded up to a grinding length of 6.000mm and and up to 5.000 kg weight of the workpieces. Our long-time experience - we delivered about 700 machines worldwide - on this area, out of the construction phase up to the final deliverence, all by "one hand" and the technical know-how give us the competence to produce the individuall right machine for every workpiece you'd like to produce. Troubleshooting with "only one partner" creates trust and guarantees our customers a nonviscous production process. Complete- and part maintenance of MSO/Cincinnati-cylindrical grinding machines, plus repairs of single assemblies belong also to our business operating area like a worldwide customer support. GÖBEL Maschinenbau CNC Silindirik Taşlama Tezgahı FH 200 GÖBEL Maschinenbau CNC Silindirik Taşlama Tezgahı FH 300

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