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RAVELLI CNC Mermer Granit Taşları İşleme Makina Firması Maximal functionality Ravelli company has been designing, manufacturing and selling machineries for marble and granite processing since 1968. Mr. Pierluigi Ravelli has started with a production of manual and semiautomatic machineries for stone processing. From the first Ravelli CNC working centre, manufactured in the 80’s till today, every year Ravelli introduces new solutions, accessories, applications with a particular attention to the necessities of the customers and the requests of the market. over 40 years in business Construction of a machine tool requires perfect coherence throughout the project. For this reason we make almost all our components in house. For each piece we are responsible for design, production, testing: because in this way there are no weak links in the chain. Our exclusive software manages properly sized and perfectly tested mechanical components, to ensure many years of easy, fast and precise machining. The innovation in our products, the patents filed by us, the reliability of our machines, the satisfaction expressed by our customers, have all enabled us to grow constantly during the over 40 years we have been in business. CNC working centres - Teorema XB / XB22 B22/26/35 B35-5 B/DB SB LB XE XF CNC working centres - Teorema Tilting Tilting – B700/13 Tilting – B800/18 – B1000/22 Tilting – B1200/ 22 44 Tilting – B1500/B2000 4 Semiautomatic Machines Syrma with carriage Syrma 2 units line

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